September 28, 2017

Short-term Volunteer Activities

Short-term Volunteer Activities


Name of the Organisation / Centre

Summary of the Organisation / Centre

Nature of the Organisation


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Rumah SALAM Rumah SALAM is a Community Centre for marginalized children and women located in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

Facebook: Rumah Salam

A centre managed by Yayasan Salam Malaysia


  1. Group Sharing
  2. Fitness Activity


  1. Story telling
  2. Home Visit

p/s: Volunteers to be divided into activity plan accordingly.



Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Hulu Kelang PDK Hulu Kelang is a rehabilitation / training centre for the disabled with multiple disorder such as cerebral palsy, autisme, slow learner as well as handicapped.

Facebook: Pdkhulukelang Selangor

Rehab Centre for the Disabled

  1. Painting of the Building
  2. Floor mat making
  3. Gardening

p/s: Volunteers to be divided into activity plan accordingly.



Madrasah Hashimiah Madrasah Hashimiah is a Tahfiz Al Quran school as well as a care centre for Rohingya Refugee Orphanage. They provide education for approximately 170 students and house a number of 60 kids who don’t have any relatives in Malaysia.
The kids are between the age of 4 to 16 who depends entirely on the goodwill of their principal, Ustaz Hashim (also the founder), and his family to survive.Facebook: Madrasah Hashimiah

Tahfiz / Informal School for Rohingya Refugees Children

  1. Paper Bag Making

p/s: Volunteers to be divided into activity plan accordingly.





Kindness Malaysia Kindness Malaysia is the sole member representing Malaysia for The World Kindness Movement. Kindness Malaysia is founded upon the powerful belief in kindness and dedicated to providing resources and tools that encourage acts of kindness.

Facebook: Kindness Malaysia

Promoting kindness acts through simple activity

  1. Project Seringgit:
  2. Project Petrol

p/s: Volunteers to distribute 1 ringgit notes and/or Rm2 petrol voucher at selected lrt stations and petrol stations accordingly.



Sahabat Asnaf Gombak Sahabat Asnaf Gombak is a group of volunteers effort to reach out the urban poor in Gombak vicinity.

One of their focus is to empower the Orang Asli (indigeneous people) Community in Batu 12 Gombak with the hygiene and environmental issues.

FB/Social Media: Not Applicable

Urban Poor Outreach

  1. Hygiene
  2. Cleaning of the riverside

p/s: Volunteers to be divided into activity planned accordingly.



Malaysia Foundation for the Blind (MFB) As a national nonprofit foundation, the Malaysian Foundation for the Blind (MFB) is here to make life better for blind and partially sighted people in Malaysia. We champion access and equality, and seek to share the benefits of new technologies. Whether you’re losing your sight, or you’re blind or partially sighted, we can help you face the future with confidence.

Facebook: Malaysian Foundation For The Blind

Training Centre for the Blind

  1. Disability Awareness Training
  2. Brailled Learning

p/s: Volunteers to be divided into activity planned accordingly.



Biji-Biji The Biji-biji Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to share progressive ideas with everyone. We champion sustainable living, reuse waste creatively and we love collaborative production. By using discarded materials, basic electronics and passive building techniques we aim to inspire our surrounding with fresh and fun approaches to sustainable living.

Our creations all come from our Open Workshop in Kuala Lumpur. If you would like to explore your ideas and collaborate with us, we have the space, tools and expertise to share with you!

Facebook: Biji-biji Initiative
Instagram: bijibiji.initative

Social Enterprise

  1. Making bags from the used banners


Total No. of Participants: